School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Wins Second Round EnPe Program Funding

EnPe (NORAD´s Master Program for Energy and Petroleum) has recently awarded Mekelle University, EiT-M, School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and its partner Universities 12 Million NoK funding for a project entitled “Capacity Building in Renewable Energy, Education and Research”. The project is collaboration between Mekelle University, NTNU, University of Dar Es Salaam, Makerere University and Eduardo Mondlane University.

A collaborative meeting was held end of August 2014 in Trondheim, Norway to formulate the final project proposal and budgeting. The revised proposal was submitted beginning of September 2014. The EnPe secretariat has officially accepted the proposal and awarded the funding. Mekelle University will be the “Agreement Partner” with the responsibility of coordinating the overall project. Dr. Mulu Bayray (Project Coordinator) and Mr. Anwar Mustefa from the School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering attended the meeting.

The funding awarded for Mekelle University is 2.7 Million NoK (around 9 Million Birr) for the period 2015-2018. The main capacity building components will be: support 20 M.Sc. students through tuition, fellowships for two staff members for Ph.D. studies in solar and wind energy, support the Ph.D. studies with laboratory equipments/instruments, support research dissemination, publication and participation in conferences.

It is to be recalled that EnPe supported the M.Sc. in Energy Technology program from the year 2010 to 2014. The project was successfully accomplished with 27 M.Sc. graduates including one Malawian student.

Group photo of participants of the meeting in Trondheim. From left to right:

Dr. Karidewa (MakU), Dr. Kihedu (UDSM), Prof. Nydal, Prof. Nielsen (NTNU), Dr. Butime (MakU), Prof. Kimambo (UDSM), Prof. Cuamba (EMU), Dr. Mulu, PhDCand. Anwar, (MU), Mr. Kosamu (Univ. Malawi).

Our Summer student workers achievements

summer studentes

Days are passing by and you probably not noticed the significant changes in the last few weeks/months in our environment. Yes, it’s nice to see those changes. Our students have done marvelous job! They even helped to save nearly half of their costs by repairing some expensive devices.

Book Published By International Publisher

Digital Signal Processing ((ISBN 978-81-87972-83-9))

Our Prof. Dilip  Mali, the Chair of Electronics and Communication Engineering Program,  just released a book (ISBN 978-81-87972-83-9), which presents concepts of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) using a large number of well-designed and illustrative solved problems.