Mekelle University holds National Workshop on Establishing a Future Urban Laboratory

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Mekelle University holds National Workshop on Establishing a Future Urban Laboratory

Ethiopian Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, organized a two day national workshop on ‘Establishing a feature urban laboratory’ in Mekelle University from October 13-14, 2017 at the main campus management hall.

Prof. Kindeya G/Hiwot, President of Mekelle University, in his welcoming remark he indicated that the workshop will have pivotal role in giving insights as regard to the future architectural plan of our cities and towards their endeavors in the social, political and economic development aspect.The President also promisesthat the universitywill be cooperative and provides the necessary support to encourage the initiations.

Similarly, on his opening speech, Dr. Hadush Goitom, Scientific Director of Ethiopian Institute of Technology addressed that the establishment of the ‘Future Urban lab’ in Ethiopian Institute of Technology at the university will have wide impact and it is aimed to address and entertain urbanization major subjects. It has been said the institute and the university at large will make every effort to make the laboratory a center of excellence in which scientific outcomes and problem solving activities will be accentuated. Thereby, this is one of the many activities that Mekelle University involves to practically show its concern and care regarding our cities and urban areas and our community at large, Dr. Hadush added.


He also stated “The future urban lab will be a platform for scholars all over the world to come and research on different urban challenges and opportunities in order to really care about urban changes in sustainable ways.” And he calls up to the participants to review and enrich the Future Urban lab establishment document. At the last he thanked to the organizers of the workshop.

Therefore, need assessment on Tigray Urban Planning and Development Bureau, proposal for establishing a feature urban laboratory in Mekelle University and experiences from different governmental organization and higher educational urban planning and designing institute are presented and discussed on the workshop.