Ethiopian Institute of Technology – Mekelle(EiT-M) has successfully conducted a Technology Transfer of Five Technologies and Trainings

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Technology Transfer and Training for TVET Experts

Ethiopian Institute of Technology – Mekelle (EiT-M) has successfully conducted a technology transfer of five technologies and trainings on three different areas for 41 technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) experts and SME owners from different parts of Tigray region. The training, which is conducted in collaboration with the Tigray Bureau of TVET, has stayed for a total effective period of 12 days, from November 02 to 13, 2015. the transferred technologies are Box Joint Jig for Woodwork applications (By Mr. Micheale G/Mariam), Silk Spinner (by Mr. Tsegay Tesfay), Bone Crasher Machine (by Mr. Mewael G/hiwot), Soap Mixer Machine (Mr. Mohammedsalih) and Cheese Pressing Machine (by Mr. Alula G/esas). The trainings are “Solar System for household applications” (by Mr. Sibhatleab H/silassie, “Product Design and Development” (by Mr. Mewael G/hiwot and “Catia Software” (by Mr. Micheale G/Mariam). The trainings was conducted in two parallel sessions. Out of the 41 trainees, 19 have attended in the technology transfer, “product design and development” and “Catia” trainings. The remaining 22 have attended the “Solar system for house hold applications” training. The Technology Transfer was made through giving training on the design and practical application and physical demonstration of each technologies. All the required designs, part designs, manufacturing manual, operational manual and maintenance manual of each technology are distributed to all of the trainees. All the trainees were mentioning that they are very satisfied with the training and they suggested to do more on the continuity of such trainings to strengthen their human resource development. They also suggested to organize special trainings on basics of different professions for SMEs.