EiTM opening a new MSc program in Kaizen

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On Saturday, 22  of June, EiTM in cooperation with EKI in Addis, delivered national workshop on Curriculum development for M.Sc. program in Kaizen which opens in September 2013  under Industrial Engineering program. 

The EiT-M will run the program in collaboration with Ethiopian Kaizen Institute (EKI). EKI will finance all the budget required to run the program but professional service will be provided by EiT-M. Ato Tadesse Haile, State Minister for Industry had impressive opening speech expressing deep recognition to EiT-M and EKI.  General Manager of EKI, Ato Getahun Tadesse was grateful in cooperation with EiT-M and mentioned that this collaboration will sustain as long as EKI is alive.
Among participants, our Dr. Gebremeskel, Dr. Fasil, Dir. Hadush, Prof. Alula, Prof. Mengistu, Prof. Aregawi,  and Prof. Bereket opened the workshop and delivered great content to the event.