National Curriculum Review Workshop in MSc. Manufacturing Engineering and MSc. Material Science and Engineering

National Curriculum Review Workshop in MSc. Manufacturing Engineering and MSc. Material Science and Engineering

Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Chair organized national curriculum review workshop in MSc. Manufacturing Engineering and MSc. Material Science and Engineering. The workshop held on July 21, 2018 at Mekelle University Management Hall.

Cleaning campaign held on June 28, 2018 at Mekell University.

Cleaning campaign held on June 28, 2018 at Mekell University.

 It is the university's staff that carried out the cleaning campaign, including Ethiopian Institute of Technology - Mekelle. the cleanout campaign was held in preparation for the upcoming 9th All African University Game to be held on July.




Mekelle University holds the 26th Commencement

Mekelle University holds the 26th Commencement

Mekelle University have held the 26th commencement on July 23, 2018 at Adihaki Campus.The commencement takes place a week before the 9th All African University Games to be hosted by MU.


On his welcoming speech, Prof Kindeya, President of MU, has addressed the fast development of the university in teaching learning, research and community service engagements and international partnership. Hence, the president applaud that Mekelle University aspires to become one of the top 25 African university in 2025. So tremendous activities that would make the university center of excellence have been done to meet the set goals in the university level said the president. Finally, he extends his congratulations remark to all the graduate and the families.


An Honorary Guest Athlete Derartu Tulu also delivery a congratulation speech. On her speech she expresses her thought about the value of education to bring about social, economic and political development in a nation. Hence, she insists the graduates to be a responsible citizen and contribute to their country in their future career. lastly, she affirmed that all hands should be provided to support Mekelle University to host the upcoming All African University Games successfully. Another honorary Guest Dr. Debretsion Gebremichail, Vice President of Tigray regional state, has also addressed a congratulation message to the graduates.


In this 26th Commencement, a sum total of 7350 students earn first, second and third degrees. While 4844 students get their Bachlors degree, 2464 students earn their post graduate diploma and degree, 41 in Medical Specialization and a student earns a PHD in Climate Change and Rural Development. Among the total graduating class, 32% are female undergraduates and 22% are female postgraduate.


The University community wishes to all graduates a bright future and successful career time.

EiT-M management visited Texas Tech Univ. and PVAMU in Lubbock/Prairie


Dr. Teddy Ivanitzki hosted EiT-M managers, Dr. Ashenafi, Dr.

Mulalem, Dr. Bizuneh, Mr. Alem and Mr. Ferede in Texas during last

week of January. Unusually high outcome characterized their visit.

Official whole day visit to TTU in Lubbock resulted in agreement on

availability of multiple advisors for potential PhD candidates from

EiT-M, superior result. Already one of the TTU members has arrived to

Ethiopia to give training on specific labs. Unofficial visit to PVAMU

resulted in similar way, they have open doors for PhD advisors as well.

PVAMU is expecting visiting Mekelle in the near future.   EiT-M

management visited additionally UTI (Universal Technical Institute) in

Houston, a vocational educator for automotive industry. The group

visited as well Champion Fiberglass in Spring, a unique fiberglass

production company. The CEO, Goran Haag gave them a great insider view

on production of fiberglass pipes.

DAAD funded scholarships at EiTM for local & international students for 2018/2019


Ethiopian Institute of Technology (EiTM), Mekelle University is offering 10 internationally funded Master’s Degree scholarships in following eight fields:

1.      Communication Engineering

2.      Control & Instrumentation

3.      Manufacturing & Materials Engineering

4.      Product Design & Development

5.      Quality Engineering and KaiZen

6.      Structural Engineering

7.      Thermo-Fluid Engineering, and

8.      Urban Planning & Development

All degrees are financially funded and supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Scholarships are available for up to a maximum of two years. The scholarship will be initially granted for one year and may be extended upon individual request and receipt of a complete application by using the provided form.

All national and international applications must be sent to Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

All applicants are required to attach the following documents

1.       Application letter clearly stating the program applied for

2.       Curriculum Vitae

3.       Two Recommendations

4.       Motivation

Deadline for individual applications is February 25, 2018.

Shortlisted candidates will be announced by February 28, 2018.

Furthermore, shortlisted candidates are required to register on DAAD portal ( ) and submit electronically filled application form with required documents before March 08, 2018. For further information refer to


In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme Ethiopia[u1] 

Female candidates and candidates from less privileged regions or groups as well as candidates with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

For further details please contact Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, EiTMPostgraduate Studies Coordination Office Head, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Phone +251-926784084.


 [u1]Hyperlink it to “Mekelle_call for Scholarship Applications.pdf” file

Mekelle University holds National Workshop on Establishing a Future Urban Laboratory

Mekelle University holds National Workshop on Establishing a Future Urban Laboratory

Ethiopian Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, organized a two day national workshop on ‘Establishing a feature urban laboratory’ in Mekelle University from October 13-14, 2017 at the main campus management hall.

Prof. Kindeya G/Hiwot, President of Mekelle University, in his welcoming remark he indicated that the workshop will have pivotal role in giving insights as regard to the future architectural plan of our cities and towards their endeavors in the social, political and economic development aspect.The President also promisesthat the universitywill be cooperative and provides the necessary support to encourage the initiations.

Similarly, on his opening speech, Dr. Hadush Goitom, Scientific Director of Ethiopian Institute of Technology addressed that the establishment of the ‘Future Urban lab’ in Ethiopian Institute of Technology at the university will have wide impact and it is aimed to address and entertain urbanization major subjects. It has been said the institute and the university at large will make every effort to make the laboratory a center of excellence in which scientific outcomes and problem solving activities will be accentuated. Thereby, this is one of the many activities that Mekelle University involves to practically show its concern and care regarding our cities and urban areas and our community at large, Dr. Hadush added.


He also stated “The future urban lab will be a platform for scholars all over the world to come and research on different urban challenges and opportunities in order to really care about urban changes in sustainable ways.” And he calls up to the participants to review and enrich the Future Urban lab establishment document. At the last he thanked to the organizers of the workshop.

Therefore, need assessment on Tigray Urban Planning and Development Bureau, proposal for establishing a feature urban laboratory in Mekelle University and experiences from different governmental organization and higher educational urban planning and designing institute are presented and discussed on the workshop.



'Ginbot 20' Celebrations Concluded at the New Meles Zenawi Technology Campus

The closing ceremony of the ‘Ginbot 20’ Victory Day Celebrations was colorfully held at MU’s new technology campus named after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the 7th of June, 2017.

The new campus, equipped with modern facilities and located at Quiha, in the outskirts of Mekelle, is expected to enroll 10,000 students in the upcoming academic year.


On the event, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, MU’s President, claimed that the new campus, which costed more than 2 Billion Birr to construct, is named after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as a tribute for his relentless endeavors to use Science and Technology as fulcrum of the country’s renaissance and expressed his hope that it would help in realizing his dreams.

Dr. Haddush Goitom, Scientific Director with the rank of Vice President of the Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekele (EiT-M), MU, also underscored that the new campus itself marked one of the fruits of ‘Ginbot 20’ along with other impressive democratic and development achievements in the last 26 years and expressed the readiness by the management to work hand in hand with all stakeholders to make the new campus ready for service as of next year.

A campus tour and other celebratory activities were done in the colorful event that was attended by invited guests from various government offices, representatives from Quiha municipality and members of MU management and Community.

A Remark from MU's Corporate Communication Directorate
We want to inform our web followers that this event is in no way an inaugural event of the new campus. In contrary to what some media outles including ourselves report, the event is only held as part of the closing ceremony of the ‘Ginbot 20’ victory day celebrations in our university and doesn't imply inaguration whatsoever. We apologize for any misunderstanding this might have caused.

A Regional workshop on Technology Transfer for Economic Development

A regional work shop with a theme of “Technology transfer for Economic Development of the Region” was held from June 5 – 7, 2017 with the presence of Federal TVET Agency Director, Mr. Nigusse Gebre and other regional and federal higher officials.

The workshop was organized by Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle Mekelle University, Federal TVET Agency and Tigray region TVET Bureau in collaboration. It was started with opening speeches from President of Mekelle University, Dr. Kindeya G/hiwot and the Head of Tigray TVET Bureau, Dr. Mulugeta.

The work shop has an objective of creating a strong linkage among University, TVET institutions, Research Institutions, and Industries for successful, demand driven and problem solving technology transfer activities. More than 80 Participants from industries, Universities, TVET Poly Technic Colleges and government offices of the region from Federal TVET agency and five other regions representatives are participating in the workshop. The participants have also paid a visit to Wukro Agricultural College and the new Meles Zenawi Technology Campus of MU.

EiT-M has signed to execute four research projects funded by the Ethiopian Construction Projects Management Institute

Ethiopian Construction Projects Management Institute during the contract signing ceremony held on May 18, 2017 in Getfam Hotel in Addis Abeba has announced that from 37 research proposals sent from the various public universities, 12 projects from seven universities have qualified for funding. Among the twelve research projects, EiT-M has won four of them which make it the highest qualifier.

        Research Projects Signing Ceremony between the EiT-M and ECPMI


The four research projects signed by Dr. Aregaw Asha, Acting Director of Ethiopian Construction Projects Management Institute and Dr. Haddush Goitom Scientific Director, EiT-M are as shown in Table below,

 Dr. Haddush, EiT-M Scientific Director Delivering a Speech on the Signing of the Research Projects 


After signing the contracts for the four research projects, Dr. Haddush forward his view by appreciating the Ethiopian Construction Projects Management Institute for making the milestone in undertaking construction focused research calls and providing required fund. Furthermore, he has also mentioned that EiT-M is delighted and pound on the performances of his staffs on securing four of the twelve projects; he has also guaranteed that EiT-M management and community will extend maximum support to the success of these research projects.